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  • At CRV Tax & Immigration Services, we offer reliable and efficient notary services to meet your legal documentation needs. Our certified notary public is authorized to administer oaths, witness signatures, and authenticate various legal documents.

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We Provide a Wide Range of Notary Solutions for Your Legal Needs


Apostille legal documents for international use easily and quickly. Avoid cumbersome procedures and trust us!


Obtain General and Special Powers of Attorney with us. Simplify legal procedures and guarantee the validity of your documents.


Certified translations of legal documents for international use. Get an accurate and reliable translation with us.


We will notarize legal documents quickly and confidentially. Trust us to validate your important documents.


Ensure the legal validity of your documents with accurate notarial affidavits. Get a reliable and secure notary service with us.


Service of simple notarial letters with legal validity. Get your documents notarized in a reliable and secure way.


Guarantee the legal validity of your contracts with our notarial service. Get accurate and reliable contracts with us.

We provide Apostille services according to the processing time.
If you need an apostille urgently, you can opt for an express apostille to receive the document in a shorter period of time.


It is processed within
15 to 20 days .


It is processed within
4 to 7 days.

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